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CAPTURE: Collect Explore Adapt

Did you ever wonder how performant your machines really are? Are you striving for operational excellence by maximizing output, minimizing standstill and as a result increasing return on investment?

If you are looking for operational insights, then CAPTURE will be a great tool for you.

Vintecc CAPTURE: plugins

Visualisation plugin

Reporting plugin

Data transformation plugin

Collector plugin

Synchronisation plugin

Alerting plugin

Visualisation plugin

Reporting plugin

Data transformation plugin

Collector plugin

Synchronisation plugin

Alerting plugin

Collect, explore, adapt

Capture is a highly customisable, scalable and flexible datalogging framework existing out of 3 major components:

  1. Data collection – Supporting most common industrial protocols (such as Beckhoff ADS, Siemens S7, OPC UA, MODBUS, CAN, etc.) your data is collected in a secured way on premise and in the cloud, up to your choice.
  2. Data exploration – Highly customisable dashboards show all individual data to the highest detail. Our reporter plugin will automatically summarize your KPIs and report them on a regular basis.
  3. Data insights – Get real value out of your data and adapt accordingly. We use
    machine learning techniques to extract valuable insights to make your machines smarter.
Vintecc CAPTURE: Collect, explore, adapt
Capture on Macbook

Customisable dashboards

Discover how easy it is to explore vast amounts of data in a few mouse clicks. Drag and drop new widgets, organise them to your needs and create user-dependent customised dashboards. Zoom into specific time ranges in the highest detail and share these insight across the organisation. Use CAPTURE and find out that all this is just a matter of minutes.

Highly customisable

Customisation is part of the Capture DNA. Our plugins allow to build a custom data collection framework that even fits an existing service portal. For even higher levels of customisation our Vintecc engineers will be happy to help.

Industrial protocols

Capture supports all common industrial protocols such as Beckhoff ADS, Siemens S7, OPC UA, MODBUS. Additional protocols are available on request.

Flexible storage

The data is yours. With Capture, there are no prerequisites on where to store it. On premise, on a local server and/or in the cloud, the choice is yours.

Relevant Cases

Cloud Connectivity / Data Analytics / Data Collection
Data Collection / Digital Twin / Machine Software / Matlab/Simulink Modeling / Rapid Prototyping / Smart Machines / Virtualisation

License Model



Other solutions

Software programming / Sensor technologies / Automatic code generation

Process simulation / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Data collection & exploration / Reporting & alerting / IoT & cloud

Machine learning / Data driven insights / Vision systems


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