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Vintecc CAPTURE plugins

The Capture Plugins allow you to tune the application to your needs

Vintecc CAPTURE: collector plugin

Collector plugin

Manage your data collection using a flexible and userfriendly data collection configurator.

  • Define the industrial interface (Beckhoff ADS, Siemens, OPC-UA, Modbus,…)
  • Configure measurement addresses, triggers and sample rates
  • Define datatags (batch, serial number,…)

Synchronisation plugin

Automatic synchronisation of locally stored data with a central cloud instance.

  • Downsampling to reduce data transfer
  • Secured communication with authentication
  • Cloud backup
Vintecc CAPTURE: synchronisation plugin
Vintecc CAPTURE: alerting plugin

Alerting plugin

When critical issues occur, time matters. The alerting plugin automatically notifies an event.

  • Trigger email to one or multiple recipients
  • Embed dashboard information

Visualisation plugin

Data exploration of piles of data should be easy, no programming skills required:

  • Intuitive dashboard configuration
  • Embeddable web-based dashboards
  • User management with authentication and authorization
Vintecc CAPTURE: visualisation plugin

Reporting plugin

Get up-to-date in just one view. The reporting plugin is a great tool to summarize and condense periodic data into a simple report.

  • Web-based, periodically issued report
  • Freely customizable
  • PDF or email

Data transformation plugin

After model extraction, derived variables can be automatically entered in the database and used for monitoring for:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Anomaly detection

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Machine Software / Simulation / Virtualisation
AGV / Automated Guided Vehicles / Data Analytics / Data Collection / Machine Software / Production Monitoring / Production Optimalisation / Smart Machines / Visualisation

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