Digital Twin as-a-service, a tailor-made solution with ready-made building blocks.

Vintecc was invited by Agoria to speak about digital solutions in production during a webinar. Agoria Agoria is committed to raising awareness and supporting companies in the manufacturing industry in their digital transformation. Digitization is a major challenge for many companies, but necessary to remain competitive in a fast-moving world. Using real-world examples, Agoria aims … Read more

Stow racks up success with Atlas® pallet shuttle system


When it comes to storage solutions, few companies can match the expertise and experience of Belgian industrial racking manufacturer Stow Group. One of the company’s most innovative solutions is the Stow Atlas, a semi-automatic pallet shuttle for deep lane storage and retrieval. Guided by Vintecc, Stow’s R&D team ventured into model-based design to create the third generation of the Atlas: a feature-packed iteration poised to stand the test of time.

Driving innovation at ArcelorMittal Gent

At ArcelorMittal Ghent, innovation is always top of mind. To improve overall efficiency, the Belgian production site of the world-renowned steel group is looking to automate its ‘slab carriers’: enormous vehicles designed to handle steel slabs weighing 22 tons on average, for a total of 150 tons per transport. Vintecc’s experience with sensor technology, technical know-how and flexible service is proving to be a driving force behind the project.