Increasing efficiency by optical sorting

Optical sorting

Learn more about optical sorting What is optical sorting? Optical sorting is the sorting of objects in a material flow, according to certain properties (size, shape, colour, texture, …). Specific cameras and lighting are used to inspect the material. An evacuation system (compressed air, valves,…) is then used to remove objects with certain properties from … Read more

Virtual Industry Fair: Webinar “Making sensors smart”

About the webinar In this webinar we explain how we transform sensors into smart sensors. The main question is: “What makes a sensor smart?” We give insight in 2 projects where we applied different sensor technologies. Usecase one explains you the use of sensors for autonomous driving at Arcelor Mittal and the second usecase handles … Read more

Virtual Industry Fair: webinar about Simulation, data-analytics & AI

Virtual Industry Fair Vintecc was present during the second edition of the Virtual Industry Fair. We handled 2 different topics in 2 live webinars. In this webinar we go more into detail on simulation, data-analytics and AI and how Vintecc deploys this in an industrial context. Simulation – Bridging the physical and digital Vintecc offers … Read more

Optical sorting of sprouts for DEMAN NV

Deman nv is a family company that is at its third generation. The company was founded as a local forge for local farmers by Marcel Deman. Nowadays Deman nv is a well-known company in the field of agro machinery. Through expertise and craftmanship Deman nv can build and repair a wide spread of machines and metal constructions. In 1971 the company started making its first Brussels sprout harvester based on their own design and expertise.

Quality inspection at Poppies

Poppies, based in Ypres (Belgium), is a global company specialised in the production of quality snacks and desserts for true gourmets. Achieving a constant high quality output is key for the company.