Matlab expo 2021: How Vintecc integrates Matlab functions directly in Beckhoff

How to accelerate development time? Vintecc got the opportunity of Beckhoff to give some insights on how to integrate Matlab functions and Simulink models directly in the Beckhoff TwinCAT realtime environment. In this video Brecht will explain on how Vintecc typically develops software. This methodology makes it possible to excelerate development time, because you can … Read more

Simulation as starting point for Delvano

Since 1960, Delvano has been the only Belgian constructor of self propelled sprayers.

Delvano also produces a wide range of other sprayers, from mounted sprayers with manual or hydraulic commanded booms, to trailed sprayers, for both agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Zero Twist Feeder by IRO

IRO offers a comprehensive range of weft feeders and auxilliary equipment for Rapier, Projectile, Air and Water jet weaving machines. The company is located in Sweden and is part of the Vandewiele group.

Rapid Prototyping with ROS2

What is ROS? The Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open source framework for robot software development.  Through a flexible middleware, many available ready to use drivers, libraries, tools and commonly used algorithms are provided by the ROS (industrial) community this makes prototyping of new robots or AGV’s much faster.  ROS2 is the second generation of ROS which is redesigned from the ground up with industrial use … Read more

Rapid prototyping of an e-driveline at MOLcy

MOLcy, located in Staden, BE, distinguishes itself as a company that does not shy away from technical challenges: more than 400 motivated members are cooperating together for the development of a high quality range of products. The company produces a range of trailers, port equipment, rail equipment, waste systems and special trucks.

There is also more research for ecological solutions. The development of a full electrical terminal tractor fits this strategic scope perfectly.

Innovation at Lely

Established in 1948 in Maassluis (the Netherlands), Lely is one of the most innovative companies in agriculture. Its mission? To create innovative solutions that help their customers excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world. One of their most important innovations is the milking robot. For a pilot project, the company decided to call in the Vintecc team.