Digital Twin as-a-service, a tailor-made solution with ready-made building blocks.



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Vintecc was invited by Agoria to speak about digital solutions in production during a webinar.


Agoria is committed to raising awareness and supporting companies in the manufacturing industry in their digital transformation. Digitization is a major challenge for many companies, but necessary to remain competitive in a fast-moving world.

Using real-world examples, Agoria aims to inspire and energize the industry to take the necessary steps and accelerate the transformation process.

The subject of this session “Digital Twins”!

What is a Digital Twin?

How can this be used?
What are the benefits of Digital Twins?
How are other leading companies using Digital Twins?

Our presentation was entitled: Digital Twin as-a-service, a tailor-made solution with ready-made building blocks.

In about 15 minutes we answer the above questions and take you into the virtual world of a packaging department of PocoLoco, a fully automatic warehouse of Stow, metalworking machines of LVD and the Arcelor Mittal site in Ghent.


6 key points that were raised during the presentation.

1. What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a virtual copy of a real physical system and has different areas of application. You can use it as a real-time Digital Twin, for virtual commissioning, for throughput simulations, …

2. What is Virtual Commissioning?

Virtual commissioning ensures that you can test virtual software in exactly the same way as if the machine is standing in front of you.

3. When can Digital Twins be used?

A Digital Twin is useful in every phase of the product lifecycle, starting in the design phase, test phase, deployment phase and finally also the service and support phase.

4. Who can benefit from Digital Twins?

A Digital Twin can be used by all departments within a company:

  1. R&D for virtual commissioning
  2. Sales for demonstrating value through throughput studies or visualisation options
  3. Marketing for beautiful visuals
  4. Service & Operations for training & remote support

5. Why should you use Digital Twins?

For this we would like to refer you to our other blogs ‘Unlocking the power of virtual commissioning’ and 4 reasons why you should use virtual commissioning’, because it is impossible to summarize this in one sentence, but in essence it comes down to this: With Digital Twins you can save both time and money, but above all, you can drastically speed up your time to market.

6. Why choose Vintecc as a partner?

Focusing on your core business is essential and building digital twins is a competence that we possess and hone daily. Moreover, we have an in-house developed framework to build your digital twin quickly and efficiently. So you don’t have to invest in expertise and in an expensive simulation tool. Moreover you can use your valuable internal resources for your core business.

Do you have any questions or are you curious about what Digital Twins can do for you? Then contact us!

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