Matlab expo 2021: How Vintecc integrates Matlab functions directly in Beckhoff



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How to accelerate development time?

Vintecc got the opportunity of Beckhoff to give some insights on how to integrate Matlab functions and Simulink models directly in the Beckhoff TwinCAT realtime environment.

In this video Brecht will explain on how Vintecc typically develops software.

This methodology makes it possible to excelerate development time, because you can develop and test your software even before a first prototype is built.

By using the Beckhoff Target for Simulink, we are able to generate code of the same Simulink models we use in simulation. Using the combination of extensive simulation in Simulink and deploying these models on Beckhoff hardware, the development process is speeded up and debugging is easier. The Beckhoff target also allows to debug using e.g. external mode, visualizing the controller signals directly in Simulink.

What are the advantages of using the target for Simulink of Beckhoff?

  • You can directly generate code which can be deployed on the Beckhoff target.
  • The speed of working
  • You can see a representation of the Simulink model straight into TwinCAT and you can follow all the signals in real time.
  • You can connect the TwinCAT system with external mode to the Simulink model.
  • The target for Simulink integrates well with Simulink. You can find all the code generation options in the Simulink settings

How to achieve high performance with Simulink and the use of Beckhoff technology?

During the presentation the IRO use case is explained more in depth and gives insights on how the graphical way of development makes it easier to understand the control software.

In the IRO use case we needed to achieve very high performance on the control loops. The Beckhoff drives nicely integrate with TwinCAT and you can add them in the drive manager, where you can see a visual representation of the control loops inside the drives. This is interesting for control, velocity control and position control. Whilst running you can tune the control loops.

Read more about the IRO usecase.

Also find some more information on the Beckhoff website 



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