Release notes: Capture Cloud update June 2021



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Better never stops, time for improvement!

We are continuously upgrading and putting a lot of energy in improving our Industrial Iot platform Capture. We have news, there is a new release and again our engineering team created some new features and changes.

What are the changes?

Improving the ease of use is the reason of some changes. Capture is a user friendly and flexible data platform where the users and the value of data comes first.

The user management

A good solid user management is often an underestimated feature. More and more services are shifted to the cloud and the quantity of users grows exponentially. Interaction with your colleagues, customers, suppliers,… through Capture is built in an efficient, effective and secure way. No one wants to spent a lot of time in the configuration.

Secondly a good user management helps to increase the overall security as it focuses on the “need to know” basis. As an administrator, you can monitor what data users can see, how much of it they can see, and whether they have full rights within the software or to edit any data.

That’s why we implemented:

  • User invites and registrations can be done over email.
    Easily invite unlimited new users based on the email address and strengthen your customer relationship
  • Switch companies
    Access and manage your companies and data from one interface.

The data logging

Get insight into your machine data anytime, anywhere. With our latest changes complexity is made easy.

Collecting data is one thing, but knowing what to do with it is another. Missing the forest for the trees is an often used saying.

That’s why we created the feature to tag your data. Tags are optional. You don’t need to have tags in your data structure, but it’s generally a good idea to make use of them because, unlike fields, tags are indexed. This means that queries on tags are faster and that tags are ideal for storing commonly-queried metadata. For instance, a serial number could be used to make a difference between the data of multiple machines. Every measurement in this connection will be tagged with the specified tag values.


Save time and instantly get insight into the performance or behaviour of your machine(s) by creating a customized report.

Since this update you are able to:

  • Built up your own queries to get the insight you need
  • Create your own styling of the report
  • Add a grid section to the report
  • export the report in CSV, PDF,…
  • Store your report also on external locations


Getting notified whenever there is a problem is not new. But again ease of use is the game changer.

Simple but effective is the visual indication you get when a device is in alert mode.

As of now it is possible to create complex alarm rules based on the logger configuration. It is made easier to reuse alerting templates for multiple loggers with equal logger configurations.

You have a complete detail overview per alert and all alerts are saved in your database and can be reused for dashboarding and alarm analytics. Because it is good to know there is an alarm state, but it is better to know why and how to solve them.

Data visualisation

See how your machines are performing with visualization dashboards. But the proof of the pudding is not in the dashboarding itself, but in the management of it.

Engage and motivate your colleagues, customers or even suppliers by sharing insights what matters to them.

With this new release, you are able to:

  • Copy dashboards per company
  • Link directly to the dashboards
  • Manage the retention policy of the datasources more in depth

Let’s conclude with the following quote:

Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t!

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