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In recent years Vintecc has grown strongly nationally, both in terms of customer portfolio and in terms of organization. The ambition is high and we would like to continue working on our mission in the coming years, namely “Creating Smarter Machines”.

The Netherlands

The choice to take the first step to the Netherlands was an easy one for several reasons.

The Netherlands is progressive in terms of innovation and digitization

Studies show that the Netherlands is in the top 5 with the best innovation policy in the world. Innovation is in the DNA of the Dutch and in the Vintecc DNA. The vision on technology and digitization is closely aligned with Vintecc’s and promises a match.

The Netherlands has a strong and stable economy

A factor that should not be underestimated is of course the strength of the economy. In the Netherlands it has been proven for years that they compete with the large industrial countries and can also maintain stability politically.

We already have some references

In recent years we have succesfully carried out projects for various companies in the Netherlands, such as Lely, Biblion, Rockwool, … These references give us confidence that we can build a nice team in the Netherlands in the future.

Dirk Kraaij

The right man, the right place, the right time. Sometimes puzzle pieces have to come together to achieve results. We have been able to achieve this by engaging Dirk Kraaij to manage Vintecc Netherlands in the coming period. We are therefore looking forward to carrying out projects in the Netherlands with great enthusiasm.

Who is Dirk Kraaij?

Dirk Kraaij is a 41 year old engineer from Delft. With his background in mechanical engineering, Dirk gained most of his work experience at Lely, where he built up expertise in robotics and simulation.

Started as a mechanically driven engineer, he quickly became involved in system engineering and learned the great added value of simulation and digital twins.

Dirk first came in touch with Vintecc 6 years ago. This was the start of a successful collaboration in which Vintecc supported Lely to set up the complete software workflow that resulted in an open Simulink architecture, a test setup and a logging framework.

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Software programming / Sensor technologies / Automatic code generation

Process simulation / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Data collection & exploration / Reporting & alerting / IoT & cloud

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