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Vintecc is genomineerd als Trends Gazelle

Vintecc has been nominated as Trends gazelle Gazelles are fast-growing companies, and they also form an integral part of our economic landscape. These competitive companies have a positive influence on the business climate in their region. They are sources of innovation and employment. The Trends Gazellen are labeled as an inspiring role model for other … Meer lezen

Autonomous and smart, the possibilities of LiDAR technology

What is LiDAR and how does it work? LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging or Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging. You can also describe it as laser scanning or 3D scanning. LiDAR is a technology that determines the distance to an object or surface by means of laser pulses. It works according to the … Meer lezen

"Wat ik zie als verschil tussen Virtual Commissioning en Digital Twins"

What is Virtual Commissioning? What is a Digital Twin? These are questions I often get in the field. The truth is there are many interpretations and opinions. I’m talking from my perspective. Vintecc is an expert in Virtual Commissioning and building Digital Twins. For this Vintecc developed its own simulation framework and offers “Simulation as … Meer lezen

Capture Cloud update juni 2021

Better never stops, time for improvement! We are continuously upgrading and putting a lot of energy in improving our Industrial Iot platform Capture. We have news, there is a new release and again our engineering team created some new features and changes. What are the changes? Improving the ease of use is the reason of … Meer lezen

Simulatie als basisvoorwaarde voor Delvano

Since 1960, Delvano has been the only Belgian constructor of self propelled sprayers.

Delvano also produces a wide range of other sprayers, from mounted sprayers with manual or hydraulic commanded booms, to trailed sprayers, for both agricultural and horticultural purposes.

Zero Twist Feeder door IRO

IRO is een Zweeds bedrijf dat deel uitmaakt van de groep Vandewiele en al meer dan 60 jaar innovatieve accessoires levert voor textielmachines, we denken hierbij aan: een uitgebreid assortiment van inslagtoevoersystemen en hulpapparatuur voor rapier-, projectiel-, lucht- en waterstraalweefmachines

Hoe LVD tijd en geld bespaart door de simulatie expertise van Vintecc te gebruiken.

LVD is named after its founding fathers, Jacques Lefebvre, Marc Vanneste and Robert Dewulf. Established in the 1950s, LVD is a leading manufacturer of sheet metalworking equipment, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and automation systems, integrated to and supported by its CADMAN® software suite. Load-Assist (LA) is one of their automation systems that can be added to a laser cutting system in order to increase productivity.

The Load-Assist automatically loads material and, during unmanned production, unloads cut sheets to an unloading station or a conveyor. This solution offers a highly reliable, cost-effective automated process without operator intervention. Solid software is required for this automated handling.

Virtual Industry Fair: Webinar “Making sensors smart”

About the webinar In this webinar we explain how we transform sensors into smart sensors. The main question is: “What makes a sensor smart?” We give insight in 2 projects where we applied different sensor technologies. Usecase one explains you the use of sensors for autonomous driving at Arcelor Mittal and the second usecase handles … Meer lezen