10 years of practical experience in Digital Twins, explained in 30 minutes



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About the webinar

In this webinar we go more into detail on our vision and experience on how to implement Digital Twins.

However we exist about 5 years now, we’ve built up more than 10 years of experience in Digital Twins.

We believe the future of machines is VIRTUAL. Digital twin technology enables the co-simulation of mechanics, electronics and software to verify complete machine functionality before a prototype is built. It helps us in many ways to improve the quality and timing of our machine software development.

Digital twins can be used in every stage of the product lifecycle:

  • Design: verify and validate concept
  • Prototype: software development and validation before having an actual prototype
  • Deployment: Digital verification of real data or virtual reality for operator training purpose.
  • Improvement: implement the lessons learn to improve your software or analyzing some what-if scenario’s

In general the biggest advantage is the accellerated development of software. In a very early stage you can detect and eliminate mistakes to achieve first time right software.

To succesfully implement Digital Twins we want the technology to be:

  • Scalable
  • Customisable
  • Easy to couple with other software simulation tools
  • Optimise trade-offs between simulation speed & accuracy.

What about off-the-shelf tools? Our experience is:

  1. There are many commercial and non-commercial tools
  2. They cannot do exactly what we want them to do.
  3. They need dedicated experience to work with it.

But what is the solution? Our approach is our own in-house developed simulation framework which is:

  1. , flexibel en customisable. There are “no limitations”.
  2. Offered as a service.
    You can receive an executable simulator to load some simulation scenario’s and the outcome will be the simulation movie.
    There is no inhouse expertise needed and it can be used by several users.

What are the lessons learned?

  • Digital twins are useful in every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Digital twins are useful for many purposes
  • Digital twins safe time and money and avoid costly development errors
  • Off the shelf tools have limitations
  • Vintecc developed an inhouse simulation framework and offers it as a service!

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