Capture, the base of your customized data solution



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This webinar handles our in-house developed data logging framework Capture.


“Capture is a data logging framework which we built on and around machines. It grew out of our personal necessity to capture and store data in a structured way.”


Vintecc CAPTURE: Collect, explore, adapt


The plug-ins make it possible to built in a flexible way your own customized data solution based on your needs.

  1. Collector Plug-in:
    This is a crucial component within Capture as it is the source of the data.
    Compared to traditional solutions which start from a cloud database, the Collector starts from logging in the machine itself.
  2. Synchronisation Plug-in:
    As well on premise or cloud based data storage is possible. The synchronisation plug-in makes it possible in a reliable, secure way to transfer data to the cloud.
  3. Visualisation Plug-in:
    Visualize your data with plug-and-play widgets.
  4. Alerting Plug-in:
    Send out alarms or notifications.
  5. Reporting Plug-in:
    Automated report generation, fully customizable
  6. Transformation Plug-in:
    Transform your data into value.

“Our approach is to think about the structure which we need in the base today, but keeping in mind the future strategy.”


Capture is useful for different stakeholders


“Data logging by Capture is a tool, but more important is what you want to do with your data. This is where we stand out from traditional off-the-shelve products. 
Vintecc wants to be a partner in transforming your data to extra value. “

Key take-aways:

Capture is…

  1. a flexible, customisable data solution
  2. a powerful tool with on edge datalogging features
  3. future proof. Go beyond pure datalogging

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