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ABISS is a networking tradeshow about a smart, digital and connected industry. All important players in this software field are usually present on this event. But due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this time, it was different. Nevertheless for VINTECC it has been successful.

Did you miss out ABISS 2020?

Vincent Theunynck, founder of VINTECC, gave a demo pitch about the vision on the future of machines and how we implement 2 major technologies in the creation of smart machines!

Vincent starts with a small introduction on Vintecc and gives some insight in the companies we are working for.

“We are working for companies who want to put new innovation faster and more efficiently in the market”

We strongly believe that there will be 4 important pillars in the future development of machines

  1. Smart: Machines will be smart and contain state-of-the-art algorithms and sensors to take smart decisions by themselves
  2. Virtueel: All machines will have a digital twin
  3. Geconnecteerd: Data will be collected and used to get operational insight
  4. Artificiële intelligentie: Transforming data into real value by using smart algorithms.

“At Vintecc we are developing on demand projects, but in order to improve our own services we developed 2 technologies within those 4 pillars which we also share with our customers.”

  1. Capture, our data logging platform (more info on Capture) “People who don’t use data collection, should really discover the possibilities of it.”
  2. The Simulator
    The simulator can perform simulations on 3 fundamental levels:

    1. Component validation
    2. Machine simulation
    3. System validation

“During the COVID-19 crisis it has been proving its relevance. We used it to built our software in a controlled environment. Up to 80% of the development can be done without any prototype. By adding environmental complexity to the simulation we can even achieve 90% of our development. The last 10% of optimization needs to be done on a real machine.”


What are the key take-aways?

In the 3 phases of machine development (development, production, deployment), Vintecc is adding virtuality to the traditional way of software development.

By doing this we can develop faster en smarter.  At deployment we add data-analytics (by Capture) to create insigh which brings us to our 4th pillar, Artificial Intelligence.

In the entire lifecycle our 4 pillars are indespensible now and in the future.

Watch the 10min. video below.

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