Virtual Industry Fair: webinar about Simulation, data-analytics & AI



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Virtual Industry Fair

Vintecc was present during the second edition of the Virtual Industry Fair. We handled 2 different topics in 2 live webinars. In this webinar we go more into detail on simulation, data-analytics and AI and how Vintecc deploys this in an industrial context.

Simulation – Bridging the physical and digital

Vintecc offers “Simulation-as-a-service” and a “Simulation platform-as-a-service”.

Typical cases:

  • Process simulation
  • Throughput simulation
  • Concept Validation

“We have certain ideas, you have certain ideas. We bring them together, we try to simulate them, add physics,… At the end it allows us to engineer together what has to be developed as an innovation in the market”

Major advantages of simulation

  • you save precious tijd
  • you save money
  • you make the right choices
  • you come to the right concept
  • you create a first-time-right design
  • and many more…

In the webinar we give you insight into the project of CNH where we used our simulation platform to test our software for the Intellifill.


At Vintecc, we developed our own flexible and customizable data framework CAPTURE.

“It seems very similar to what currently exists in the market, but there are some key features, what makes it clearly different from what you typically encounter.”

“Data collection is not the goal, it is what you want to do with it. Data exploration should be easy and you want to gain data insight in a very flexible way. Gaining insight is an important aspect, it allows you to do more complex operations”

At Stow, we are involved in the development of the software for the pallet shuttle.

This seems to be simple, but it is very complex in operation. By using Capture, we can understand exactly the behaviour of the machine and interpret what the sensors are seeing.

“One of the biggest assets is to have no limits in the amount of data, especially in a commissioning phase. You want to know exactly what went wrong, even on millisecond level. Small things can have a big effect”

Capture’s Reporting plug-in is a great tool to visualize KPI’s, status en performance of your assets in just one condensed report.

Get regular report updates or trigger them through the Alerting plug-in. Define your own set of alerting rules to prevent downtime, malfunctioning or failure. Transform data into true business value.

Artificiële intelligentie

“Vintecc believes the future is to integrate whatever we learned with artificial techniques in order to achieve smarter machines and better performance”

The Use case of Deman has been explained more in detail. Read here

A typical workflow we use to implement Artificial intelligence:


Final statement

“We want to engage with you on a very in-depth level to create custom solutions”

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Software ontwikkeling / sensor technologie / Automatische code generatie

Process simulatie / Virtuele inbedrijfsstelling / Geautomatiseerd testen

Data verzameling & exploratie / Rapportering & Alarmering / IoT & Cloud

Machine learning / Data gedreven inzicht / Visie systemen