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Data collection helps analysing the root cause of problems reported in the field. Machine data analytics offer important insights in how machines are used.

Artificial Intelligence is implementing smart software that can perform tasks similar to human brains. A machine can be learned to recognize circumstances, solve problems and to make own decisions.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the development of software using algorithms and statistic models in order to train a machine to become better, smarter,…

Machine learning offers you, your company and even your customers a whole new range of possibilities.
Putting machine learning in practice, complex tasks can be learned to improve quality, avoid mistakes, optimise planning and finally, save time & money. It serves to create smarter machines.

Vintecc does not only create these algorithms, we also offer the infrastructure to deploy and maintain them.

Machine learning is not just a buzz word, but an amazing technology that can see and manage things which are invisible for humans.

Data driven insights

Data driven insights

When white or grey-box models are insufficient, data-driven models offer a good way to move forward. Neural networks are trained based on collected data and are used to generate valuable new data online or offline. This data can be used to update machine parameters online or to gain valuable insights

Vision systems

The usage of vision systems is endless. It can be used for quality inspection, optical sorting, autonomous driving, object detection and classification,…
Selecting the right sensor and vision system is important, but the camera setup is only the input, the algorithms make the sensing possible.
Sensor fusion and data interpretation raise high-end sensors to smart sensors.

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Machine Software / Simulation / Virtualisation
AGV / Automated Guided Vehicles / Data Analytics / Data Collection / Machine Software / Production Monitoring / Production Optimalisation / Smart Machines / Visualisation

Other solutions

Software programming / Sensor technologies / Automatic code generation

Process simulation / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Data collection & exploration / Reporting & alerting / IoT & cloud