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VINTECC - Data Analytics

Machine data analytics offer important insights into the causes of issues and how machines are used for quick problem-solving and continuous improvement.

Being able to monitor machines deployed in the field is a major asset. After all, knowing the cause of an issue is key to solving it. In addition, the machine builder gains insight into how a machine is used. This provides them with valuable input for future design iterations and allows them to keep building more competitive solutions.

Data collection, exploration, and management

Machine diagnostics starts with a proper data collection and management framework. With Capture, Vintecc has developed a data collection and analysis framework with numerous customization possibilities for collecting, hosting and analyzing data. Capture interfaces with the most common industrial protocols and IoT standards. Gain full ownership of your data by choosing to host on an on-premise server or in the cloud. Capture also supports different system architectures due to a flexible component-based software structure.

vintecc connected

Reporting & alerting

Capture’s Reporting plug-in is a great tool to visualize KPI’s, status and performance of your assets in just one condensed report.
Get regular report updates or trigger them through the Alerting plug-in. Define your own set of alerting rules to prevent downtime, malfunctioning or failure. Transform data into true business value.

IoT & cloud

IoT and remote monitoring drive innovation. Connecting your assets to the internet can provide effective insight and transform it into decision making instructions or control actions and aspects of when and how they funtion. Cloud computing in combination with IoT offer different advantages:

  • Easy access your data remotely and carry out actions on devices, location independent.
  • Using The Cloud with IoT helps to enhance security, as regular updates can be sent and knowledge of any breaches in infrastructure can be flagged up immediately.
  • Scalability for device data.
  • Infrastructure capacity is limitless.
vintecc iot and cloud

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Machine Software / Simulation / Virtualisation
AGV / Automated Guided Vehicles / Data Analytics / Data Collection / Machine Software / Production Monitoring / Production Optimalisation / Smart Machines / Visualisation

Other solutions

Software programming / Sensor technologies / Automatic code generation

Process simulation / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Machine learning / Data driven insights / Vision systems