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Data analytics

Machine data analytics offer important insights into the causes of issues and how machines are used for quick problem-solving and continuous improvement.

Being able to monitor machines deployed in the field is a major asset. After all, knowing the cause of an issue is key to solving it. In addition, the machine builder gains insight into how a machine is used. This provides them with valuable input for future design iterations and allows them to keep building more competitive solutions.

Machine diagnostics starts with a proper data collection and management framework. With Capture, Vintecc has developed a data collection and analysis framework with numerous customization possibilities for collecting, hosting and analyzing data. Capture interfaces with the most common industrial protocols and IoT standards. Gain full ownership of your data by choosing to host on an on-premise server or in the cloud. Capture also supports different system architectures due to a flexible component-based software structure.

Collected data can be transformed online into information that is easily interpretable by the customer. Alerts can be generated, or an email report can be triggered based on certain events.

When white or grey-box models are insufficient, data-driven models offer a good way to move forward. Neural networks are trained based on collected data and are used to generate valuable new data online or offline. This data can be used to update machine parameters online or to gain valuable insights into machine performance

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Industrial Automation / Machine Software / Simulation / Smart Machines / Virtualisation
Automatic Code Generation / Data Collection / Matlab/Simulink Modeling / Rapid Prototyping
Artificial Intelligence / Data Collection / Machine Vision / Optical Sorting / Smart Machines

Other solutions

Digital twins / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Software programming / Sensor technologies / Auto code generation


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