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vintecc - We deliver machine software in a fast and cost-effective way, thanks to first-time-right design.

We deliver machine software in a fast and cost-effective way, thanks to first-time-right design.

As a one-stop-shop for control systems, sensor processing, data analytics and machine vision, Vintecc is a trusted partner for OEMs active in different sectors, such as agriculture, logistics, building automation, etc.

Vintecc’s experience with sensor technologies, graphical programming and dedication to customization satisfies all the requirements for high-quality machine software development.

Software programming

At Vintecc, we believe that software should be independent of hardware. That is why we choose not to be a hardware reseller, but a genuine supporter of industrial off-the-shelf and embedded platforms. Depending on the project requirements, we help you find the right hardware for your needs and define a suitable software architecture. We have professional experts in all common coding languages, from typical PLC coding (STL, SCL) to C, C++ and C# coding.

Sensors and vision

A sensor’s main task is to register the right information by filtering out only what is useful. Selecting the best sensor for a specific task that is also suitable for the environmental conditions is key for a successful project. At Vintecc, we have experience with a wide range of sensor technologies, including 3D ToF, LiDAR, RaDAR, and vision systems (RGB, infrared), e.g. for outdoor AGVs. Throughout the years, we’ve successfully integrated sensor technologies into various automated applications.

Automatic code generation

To get the maximum out of your engineering time, you need to be able to focus on functional development instead of integration. At Vintecc, we typically work with graphical control models designed in MATLAB/Simulink, which are faster to iterate and easier to understand and to maintain.

The best part? Code is automatically generated from these graphical models, making them completely hardware independent. What’s more, automatic code generation also prevents manual coding mistakes.

As a MathWorks System Integration partner, Vintecc has a lot of experience with automatic code generation on industrial hardware platforms (Beckhoff, Siemens, B&R and IFM), low to high-end prototyping hardware (Raspberry Pi, dSpace, National Instruments) and custom targets (ARM, …).

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Machine Software / Simulation / Virtualisation
AGV / Automated Guided Vehicles / Data Analytics / Data Collection / Machine Software / Production Monitoring / Production Optimalisation / Smart Machines / Visualisation

Other solutions

Process simulation / Virtual commissioning / Automated testing

Data collection & exploration / Reporting & alerting / IoT & cloud

Machine learning / Data driven insights / Vision systems