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VINTECC - Simulation

Gain valuable insights into process behavior through simulation and speed up development by avoiding costly commissioning errors.

Digital twin technology enables the co-simulation of mechanics, electronics and software to verify complete machine functionality before a prototype is built. In early stages of development, these virtual models allow you to:

• validate system requirements
• make design trade-offs
• avoid costly mistakes in development or commissioning

In short, digital twins prove their value in every design iteration throughout the product life cycle.

Digital twins

Digital twins are very useful in an initial development phase where trade-offs need to be made on a mechanical, electronic or software level. Virtualize your design before a prototype is built by adding actuators and sensors to your CAD models and simulate them in a real-world environment. For highly variable processes, hybrid and/or data-driven models can be used. Because every digital twin is unique, Vintecc will customize its approach to your specific needs.

Virtual commissioning

By using digital models in co-simulation, you can gain insight into component interaction and system behavior. These findings can help you evaluate design requirements, assumptions and trade-offs in a phase when the cost of an error is still virtually zero. Machine functionality can be virtually verified.

Automated testing

Imagine if you could guarantee software behavior at every release. With model-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop simulation (MIL/SIL), this dream becomes a reality. Not only do you get the ability to simulate software, you can also test it in a virtual environment under a wide range of conditions. In this way, you can take the guesswork out of securing overall system quality.

To ensure that system requirements are met at every software release and
provide a worry-free experience, our experts will set up automated testing based on anticipated or historical scenarios. This results in a report that confirms whether the software works as indicated.

vintecc virtual

Throughput simulations

With throughput simulations you can verify the capability of your production and logistics even before implementation. Eliminate the possible bottlenecks and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.

Throughput simulation helps you to determine the best solution for your use case and offers the possibilities to virtually see the outcome of your trade-off or scenario’s.

Relevant Cases

Digital Twin / Machine Software / Simulation / Virtualisation
AGV / Automated Guided Vehicles / Data Analytics / Data Collection / Machine Software / Production Monitoring / Production Optimalisation / Smart Machines / Visualisation

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