we accelerate your industry

through intelligent innovation, using tailor-made software solutions and state-of-the-art Al technology.

empowering your industry through intelligent innovation

Technology is a major game-changer in tackling tomorrow’s challenges towards a smarter, more connected and more sustainable future. We want to accelerate your industry in this digital journey through smart, tailor-made software solutions and state-of-the-art AI technology.
By accelerating your industrial processes, we promise you more efficiency, more productivity and more profitability.

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smart solutions accelerating you


Inspect, select, track, locate, quality check or train your product or process. Adding visual intelligence to your products or processes will enhance and optimize your operational excellence.


Make the shift from automation to autonomy. Reduce human risk and errors while ensuring consistent output. Allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks.


Collect and control your device data. Make objective decision based on insights. Deploy in operations and continuously optimize during the asset lifecycle.


Validate complex or new concepts by simulating operational scenarios in a digital twin. Speed up innovation cycles. Test fast and save costs.

“the digital twin provides confidence towards our customers“

"the digital twin has given us insights around the positioning of our nozzles and into the drying process, but we were actually too late to see the real value in the development process. Because we can let our customers experience how their new machine will work, it provides confidence. On top, the digital twin also has a commercial value; extra brand awareness."

Erik Van Pottelbergh

Managing Director - LVP Engineering & Constructions

“if you have a problem just call vintecc“

"The experience for me and the entire stow/Movu-team has been very positive. The people of vintecc are open and always accessible. My colleague Koen once said: “If you have a problem, just call vintecc via Teams for a solution.” That’s how it actually works. To me the vintecc people are ”one of us” and that is of course great to work together like this. Short connection lines and effective communication."

Christof Harinck

Product Expert Atlas 2D - Movu Robotics

"vintecc has expertise and additional resources that we did not have in-house"

"we truly see the collaboration with vintecc as a partnership. We didn't start from a use case, but started from an idea. We don't always use standard development and we don't always know what we're going to need tomorrow. We are very lucky that vintecc is flexible and always thinks about a solution."

Ben Hubert

CEO - Pattyn Belgium

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