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dual is extremely valuable as you can test, simulate and validate complex or new operational concepts, virtually identify inefficiencies, implement data-driven improvements and repeat it all over again as it is a standardized platform. 

dual integrates with multiple physics engines and can connect with all industry-standard protocols to achieve the best and most realistic simulation. It is very cost-efficient and provides a competitive advantage.

our digital twin platform

bringing a clear answer to your operational needs

optimized CAD integration & custom 3D assets

  • dual can import your CAD designs and support the level of detail, accuracy and functionality you need.
  • We convert, compress, and optimize your CAD files to make them ready for efficient simulation.
  • Depending on your project we can customize and parameterize your 3D-assets so multiple scenarios and set-ups can be created at runtime.

multiple connectors

  • Connect and co-simulate with TwinCAT, Siemens PLCSim advanced, Matlab Simulink, Marin, …
  • Control your digital twin by PLC, virtual PLC or other external control software.
  • dual can manage the following industry-standard communication protocols: OPC-UA, ROS, ADS, TCP/UDP-IP and many more.
  • On demand custom communication protocols.

create multiple scenarios

  • Define and apply the logic and rules that govern the behavior and interactions of your digital twin. This can include physical laws, engineering principles, operational parameters, or business rules. 
  • You can use tools such as scripting languages, visual programming or graphical interfaces to create and edit the logic and rules of the scenarios. 
  • Create and modify your digital twins, add sensors and actuators and combine multiple digital twins in a single simulation environment.

multiple physics engines

  • Adding physics will ensure that it matches the reality and expectations of your real-time situation.
  • Realistically simulate collisions, accelerations and forces. 
  • Use advanced physics for hydrodynamics, wires and friction.
  • We create on demand custom physics simulations fit to your needs. 
  • All in real time.

simulate & validate concepts

  • Simulate and test your scenarios, perform analysis, and compare results with your real-world data
  • Use feedback loops, machine learning, or optimization tools to adjust and improve your digital twin based on the outcomes and insights.
  • Adjust and repeat again until the required outcome is achieved.
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