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industrial IoT & data analytics

why not unlocking the power of data for your business?

Industrial IoT and data analytics are transforming industries around the world. By seamlessly capturing and analyzing vast amounts of data from your interconnected devices. 

Gain insights into your business operations that you never thought possible, and use that data to make informed decisions.  

Optimize your processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs by implementing new operational strategies based on real-time data.

Our industrial IoT & industry 4.0 solutions

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industrial IoT

  • Centralize your industrial data and get a complete and up-to-date view of the current state of your processes or devices on your floor.
  • Measure your KPI’s at scale and make objective decisions based on data. Bring your business to the next level by fostering innovation and growth based on your data.

fleet, device & user management

  • With a fleet or device which is always connected you simply check the status information and operate or troubleshoot more efficiently.
  • On top, you can easily manage user rights to make sure the right information can be provided at the right time to the right person.

monitoring, reporting, alerting

  • Set-up and automate various reports with a condensed overview, tailored to the needs of your team. 
  • Trigger maintenance alerts to increase the quality of your product - or service - or to reduce and optimize downtime.

operational insights & data analytics

  • In an industrial environment you better trust your data than your gut. It is not subject to human interpretation or bias. 
  • Customize your data analytics and allow your plant managers, process engineers or machine operators to make more accurate, better informed and objective decisions with confidence.

OEE improvement

  • Monitor equipment, processes and your work environment in real-time to take the right actions. Enhance productivity and increase output.
  • Identify correlations between input parameters and results. Capture, our industrial IoT-platform, provides insight into the parameters that play a critical role in production results and helps predict required quality results based on current conditions.

predictive maintenance

  • Trigger alerts to predict maintenance and to avoid costly operational break downs.
  • Help your customer or your own service team to reduce and optimize downtime. Proactively order or send the spare parts that need replacing. They will love you.

lifelong learning

  • Your industry is inherently dynamic by nature, it is constantly changing or evolving.
  • Use existing or historical data to analyze and innovate processes or products. The sum of small and large improvements makes your product or process more robust and reliable.
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