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computer vision

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Computer vision technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. 

By enabling machines and processes to perceive and interpret visual information, computer vision is enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of a wide range of applications. 

With computer vision you can make better decisions much faster, effectively, and reliably than humans could do on a consistent basis

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object recognition & optical sorting

  • Automate your product recognition and selection tasks with our AI-powered solutions.
  • Identify and classify objects in images for quality control, visual search, and other applications.
  • Select & sort the most suited product for a manufacturing process or to create the best end-product.
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy with our scalable and customizable solutions.

synthetic data

  • Create new and challenging datasets for computer vision. Include edge cases in datasets.
  • Accurate and fast training, iteration, and testing of computer vision models even when real-world data is scarce or expensive to collect.
  • Improve the performance of the models by training them on more diverse and representative data.
  • Create more private and secure datasets that are not subject to the same privacy and security risks as real-world data.

object localization & tracking

  • Track objects in real time with our computer vision solutions.
  • Identify the position of an object in an image to track its movement over time.
  • Follow the movement of an object to monitor its behavior or to navigate through an environment

production metrics

  • Visually measure the accuracy and performance of your production process to identify and correct problems.
  • Reduce product waste. Retrofit your brownfield equipment to monitor your production in real time.

volume scanning & measurement

  • Automate your inventory management, quality control, and logistics with volume scanning.
  • Measure the volume of products, objects, or places quickly and accurately.
  • Use it for inventory management to track stock levels and prevent out-of-stock items.
  • Check if a product meets the required specifications to ensure quality control.
  • Optimize logistic operations to reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency.
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