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autonomous systems

autonomous systems are the next frontier of automation

Autonomous systems go beyond basic automation to perform complex tasks in real time, adapt to changing environments and inputs, and even optimize towards multiple goals

They can significantly increase productivity, reduce costs, improve overall safety and drive innovation.

our autonomous system solutions

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autonomous systems

  • Our solutions allow you to shift from controlling your devices and vehicles to allowing them to operate independently and respond autonomously to unexpected situations.
  • This can provide solutions for processing or manufacturing tasks that are repetitive, dangerous, require precision, are too difficult or too dangerous for humans.

process automation & advanced control

  • Reduce factory lead times by controlling and automating complex processes or machines.
  • Provide faster ROI by eliminating manual errors and improving accuracy.
  • Repetitive manufacturing tasks can be performed at a much higher level leading to faster production times and increased output.

model based design

  • Want to create better products faster?
  • Model-based design (MBD) can help you do that. MBD ensures quality and accelerates software development by bringing your software creation above the abstraction level. This means you can move ideas from the drawing board into practice and test them out straight away.

realtime embedded software stack

  • Our real-time embedded systems combine the functionality of a real-time operating system with a microcontroller (hardware) and unique application (software) to control machines and processes in factories, ensuring that they operate safely and efficiently.
  • Our systems are purpose-built to meet the specific needs of your industry, and we offer a wide range of features and capabilities to choose from.

reducing human risk & errors

  • Autonomous systems take the human out of the equation, lowering the possibility of incidents caused by human error.
  • These systems are built with cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms that continuously monitor their surroundings, make snap judgments, and carry out precise maneuvers, making operations safer.
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