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an industrial IoT platform for smart products and smart production 

capture is a highly customizable, scalable and flexible data framework.  

Providing operational and actionable insights to every layer of your organization across every stage of your product(ion) lifecycle. 

capture’s visual insights help you to reduce time and operational costs, and push your operational performances to the next level.

our industrial IoT platform

bringing a clear answer to your operational needs

realtime actionable insights

  • Connect to a variety of sources, including machines, sensors, and people and start identifying trends and patterns. 
  • Use the interactive visualisation layer to customize your dashboards and present data in a visual and intuitive way so that it is easy to understand and act on.

operational performance

  • capture enables instant communication from all your edge devices to your team and enables faster decision making in response to the actual performance of your process or operation. 
  • Know what’s happening at all times.

automate reporting & alerting

  • Easily set-up and automate various reports with a condensed overview, tailored to the needs of your team. 
  • Trigger maintenance alerts to increase the quality of your product - or service - or to reduce and optimize downtime.

fleet, device & user management

  • With a fleet or device which is always connected you simply check the status information and operate or troubleshoot more efficiently.
  • On top, you can easily manage user rights to make sure the right information can be provided at the right time to the right person.

life long improvement

  • Your industry is inherently dynamic by nature, it is constantly changing or evolving.
  • Use existing or historical data to analyze and innovate processes or products. The sum of small and large improvements makes your product or process more robust and reliable.

in-process product & quality inspection

  • Identify correlations between input parameters and results. 
  • Capture provides insight into the parameters that play a critical role in production results and helps predict required quality results based on current conditions.

faster time-to-value

  • Expand capture as your data ecosystem by integrating external applications or linking it to multiple other systems.
  • Providing wider insights to gain that competitive advantage and enabling a faster time-to-value for you or your customers.

downtime, waste & scrap reduction

  • Leverage cost optimization and minimize revenue lost. 
  • Detect production issues and find out where you can reduce waste and how you can take action. 
  • Identify the causes of machine stops, their defects and reduce unscheduled downtime.
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