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the flexibility of a plug and play IoT platform

Time is money. Even as a machine builder, this is a sure fact. Keeping track of everything, being able to intervene quickly, responding flexible to customer needs without compromising on quality. For that, you need infrastructure, reliable and flexible. Capture, offers just that. The IoT-platform provides a robust edge and cloud infrastructure with proven performance, enabling you to collect, process and turn data from your machines into action quickly and efficiently.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits, features and applications of Capture's plug-and-play flexibility.

1. What is Capture?

Capture is an advanced IoT-platform that makes collecting and leveraging machine data within your organisation effortless.

2. Buy & Build strategy

From day one, the Capture architecture on edge and cloud offers 80% of the functionalities you need to successfully set up machine connectivity in your organisation. Forget about developing and managing an IoT platform from scratch, use Capture as an engine to set up your own platform using a no-code, low-code approach and build it further according to your needs. This way, you avoid expensive development and failure work and can get started with connectivity from day 1.

The benefits of this strategy include:

  • Rapid implementation: With an existing platform, companies can get up and running quickly without waiting for lengthy development processes.
  • Scalability: By building on an existing platform, companies can easily scale up as their needs grow.
  • Future-proof: An existing IoT platform is always up-to-date and allows you to continuously take advantage of new features.
  • Cost savings: The cost of developing an IoT platform from scratch is avoided. You avoid an expensive development process.
  • Risk reduction: Since the base platform is already tested and operational, the risk of development failure is reduced.

3. Capture’s Edge key features

Strong connectivity

  • Capture's edge infrastructure connects various industrial communication and automation protocols, such as MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, Siemens S7, Beckhoff ADS, CanBus or EtherCat.

Stable industrial data bus

  • Via a stable industrial edge data bus, field devices can easily forward their data to the necessary applications.

High-speed data logging

  • Timeseries data can be logged at a speed of 1 ms.
  • Image data can also be logged. Image data size can be managed and reduced for optimal logging and processing.

Local retention

  • If configured correctly, local retention of data is possible on the device itself.
  • Data can be transferred to a selected data lake in the cloud as soon as it is reconnected to 4G or wifi.

Cloud device manager

  • The cloud device manager enables the configuration of all edge devices, even remotely.
  • Set how a device receives data and offloads data to a selected data server or data lake.

Reverse proxy

  • This feature enables remote software updates when the device is connected. Sending a technician for a software update is no longer necessary.
  • For more info on remote connectivity, read this blog

Vision AI ready

  • Capture's edge&cloud infrastructure allows vision AI applications to be integrated for continuous visual validation.
  • Image and timeseries data can be linked together for subsequent analysis or processing in the cloud.

4. Capture’s Cloud key features

Users & rights

  • By default, you have a complete identity and access management feature in the IoT platform. This way, you manage every device of your customer, add relevant users and define what they see based on their role.
  • Identity, authentication, authorisation, roles... manage everything and everyone from 1 central place.

Fleet & project monitoring

  • With Capture, you can easily organise and manage your fleet of devices across all your projects. This gives you an overview and control over the status and operation of each device within your network.
  • By pinning devices or projects to a map, you get a visual overview that helps you locate and monitor your equipment.
  • For more on remote connectivity, read this blog


  • Visualise your own data with little effort by using the no-code, low-code approach. Dashboards can be created in both Grafana and Power BI
  • Custom dashboards can be created based on the users, roles or rights assigned.

Automated alerting & reporting

  • Automated alerts on devices can be configured and triggered to detect problems before they cause problems.
  • Automated reports can be configured and sent to appropriate users in a customised e-mail message.

Data analytics

  • Get more out of your own data, create feedback loops and enable customised data analytics.
  • Advanced processing can be performed in the cloud, allowing processing algorithms to be performed in the cloud (and with more processing power) based on the raw data from the devices.

Data routing

  • Data can be configured so that it can be sent to both a proprietary central database and the customer database.
  • Data can be queried via RestAPIs. This allows data to be shared with 3rd party apps or other systems.
  • Capture is ready for automated container management in the cloud.

5. Applications in different sectors

Vintecc's Capture IoT platform offers a wide range of possibilities for different sectors. From industrial machinery to consumer products, agriculture and transport and logistics, Capture's versatility and robustness make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

Industrial machinery

Efficiency and reliability

In the industrial sector, it is crucial to continuously monitor and optimise machines. Capture offers advanced features such as high-speed data logging and image data integration, giving operators detailed insights into machine performance. This helps identify inefficiencies and predict maintenance needs, leading to less downtime and higher productivity.

Examples of applications
  • Process optimisation: Real-time data analysis helps optimise production processes, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs.
  • Production forecasting & scheduling: by gaining insights into historical data and linking 3rd part applications to an AI algorithm, workload predictions can be made so that production and shift utilisation can be better planned based on e.g. weather or energy prices.

Consumer products

Improved customer satisfaction

For manufacturers of smart devices, Capture provides a robust infrastructure for managing and maintaining these devices. Using features such as remote updates and device management, manufacturers can quickly respond to problems and roll out updates without physical connection.

Examples of applications
  • Smart thermostats: Monitor and optimise energy consumption remotely, saving customers energy and increasing satisfaction with your device.
  • Security systems: Continuous monitoring and remote updates provide increased security and reliability.

Transport and logistics

Improved efficiency and reliability

For companies in the transport and logistics sector, it is essential to efficiently manage and monitor vehicles and equipment. Capture offers features such as fleet monitoring and data analytics, which helps with asset tracking, vehicle status or minimising fuel consumption.

Examples of applications
  • Fleet management: Real-time monitoring of mobile machines to quickly track their location or bill customers based on their usage.
  • Vehicle optimisation: Analysis of vehicle data to monitor fuel costs to reduce operational costs.

Agricultural sector

Improving productivity and quality

In the agricultural sector, Capture helps farmers optimise their machinery and processes. By using sensor data and advanced analytics, they can make better decisions on irrigation, fertilisation and harvesting.

Examples of applications
  • Precision agriculture: Using sensors to collect accurate data on yield, crop growth and weather conditions, leading to more efficient farming practices.
  • Machine monitoring: Continuous monitoring of agricultural machinery to predict maintenance needs to minimise downtime.

Energy and utilities

Increasing reliability and efficiency

For energy and utility companies, Capture offers infrastructure monitoring and management solutions. This includes everything from monitoring power grids to water treatment plants.

Examples of applications
  • Energy network management: Continuous monitoring of power generation and distribution systems to improve reliability and efficiency.
  • Water treatment: Monitoring and optimisation of water treatment processes to increase quality and efficiency.


Capture's IoT platform offers unprecedented opportunities for diverse industries. Whether in industrial machinery, consumer products, transport and logistics, agriculture or energy and utilities, Capture helps companies improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and discover new insights. By using advanced data logging, remote connectivity and analytics features, companies can optimise their processes and maintain a strong competitive position.