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unlock the power of digital twins

Avoid high costs and machine downtime by virtually simulating 'what-if' scenarios and gain better insights into the performance of your production environment. Get started with digital twins!

Unforeseen machine downtime is an operational challenge with numerous consequences. Faster problem solving, continuous monitoring and minimizing this downtime are becoming increasingly important. Building digital twins, virtual replicas of physical products, is a powerful tool that supports your company in identifying these inefficiencies. Get started with digital simulations and increase the performance of your production environment.

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Frederik Delodder

Frederik Delodder

advisor Digitalization and Innovation - VOKA


  • Continuous monitoring: Digital Twins provide improved insights into the performance and status of your machines through continuous data monitoring.
  • Predictive maintenance: By analyzing real-time data, digital twins can help predict maintenance needs. This minimizes unplanned downtime and prevents high costs.
  • Efficiency gains: A trial-and-error approach to optimizing the production environment can lead to high costs. Digital twins can be used to simulate “what-if” scenarios to increase operational efficiency.


In this training you will gain insight into the impact of digital twins on the organization, how you implement this technology within your production process and what yield you can expect.

  • 09:00-10:45: Strategic focus on the impact of digital twins

During the 'strategic focus' section you will gain in-depth insight into the operation and possible limitations or risks of digital twins. This way you can subsequently identify the potential benefits, challenges and pitfalls of this emerging technology.

  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM: Insights from practice and possible applications

The second part teaches you, using concrete examples and best practices, what ROI you can expect and how you can translate this into an action plan for your organization.


Johannes Cottyn is a professor at the department of industrial systems and product design at Ghent University. From there he is actively involved in the 'production' cluster of the strategic research center Flanders Make. He coordinates the competency domain 'Manufacturing Knowledge and Automation Engineering', where the use of digital tools is indispensable today. His current research focuses on methods to reduce the digital twin configuration effort and increase the (re)use of the models for value creation within production and logistics environments.

Vincent Theunynck, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of vintecc, a software developer for smart and connected machines. vintecc's ambition is to accelerate innovation among leading machine builders, such as stow, Picanol, CNH Industrial and Daikin, in a large and manageable way. They do this by supporting them in technologies such as digital twins, data analysis and artificial intelligence. Vincent obtained a Master's degree in Mechatronics and an MBA from Vlerick Business School.