machine learning & data analytics engineer

Who are we looking for?

At Vintecc, we are looking for a driven Machine Learning & Data Analytics Engineer to join our dynamic IoT and Data Analytics team.

Your role

As a Machine Learning & Data Analytics Engineer, you will bring the valuable insights from data to the table. You will help improve operational efficiency, minimise downtime and maximise the value of data for our customers.

You will be part of a young, technically strong team within an innovative and fast-growing SME. At our company, collaboration and team spirit are central in a horizontal structure, where everyone works towards a common goal. We give our employees the autonomy, trust and support they need to fully develop their talents. Innovative thinking, a hands-on mentality, collaboration and creativity are at the heart of our corporate culture.

Your responsibilities

  1. Data analysis and insight generation: You will dive deep into data to discover improvement opportunities and find potential applications. Your focus is on discovering value in data through advanced analytics. One of the tasks is to implement - in a robust way - the algorithms with a generic approach. So your focus is also on deployment, not just the theoretical.
  2. Process optimisation: Once you have found valuable insights, you work on optimising existing processes. You develop and implement strategies to make suboptimal processes more effective using advanced techniques such as machine learning.
  3. Predictive maintenance and fault detection: You will apply machine learning techniques to develop models that can automatically detect and predict faults. This includes modelling timeseries data to identify potential problems and take proactive measures.
  4. Software development and application design: You have an affinity for software development, especially for industrial applications. You design robust and future-proof applications that integrate seamlessly with data analytics and machine learning.
  5. Growth mindset: You play an active role in shaping the growing Data Analytics team. This includes defining standards, identifying new technologies and sharing best practices within the team.

It would be great if you have the following qualifications

  1. A master's degree in electrical engineering, computer science or a related field.
  2. Affinity with software development is a must.
  3. Skill in programming languages relevant to data analysis development (e.g. Python, Matlab) and framework (e.g. Docker).
  4. Knowledge of industry protocols and communication standards is a plus.
  5. Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
  6. Strong communication and collaboration skills.
  7. You actively follow the latest developments within your field.

Why you should apply

  1. You will join a fine group of no less than 50+ Vinteccers with a shared passion for technology & who stand for collaboration, creating hands-on solutions for the customer and all that while also having fun in the job.
  2. We are totally on board with the "new now": flexible working hours, possibility of telecommuting and no less than 3 hybrid locations in Roeselare, Ghent and/or Leuven. You choose.
  3. We take your development seriously: both internally you can enjoy the Vintecc Academy but external training courses are also part of our curriculum.
  4. And remuneration? Competitive supplemented with numerous fringe benefits. We've got you.

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vintecc is looking for a machine learning & data analytics engineer. Join our team and make the difference!