project engineer - autonomous systems

Who are we looking for?

As a dynamic and forward-thinking company dedicated to advancing autonomous systems, we’re in search of a talented Project Engineer - Autonomous Systems to join our team. Embracing a culture that thrives on collaboration and hands-on innovation, our dedicated team is passionate about developing advanced and autonomous control systems. So, what we need is an ambitious engineer with a passion for mechatronics, control systems, system engineering, and software programming, and eager to contribute to the acceleration of autonomous applications. If this is who you are and you have these skills, you could be the candidate we’re looking for.

Your role

As a Project Engineer in the field of Autonomous Systems at vintecc, you’ll play an important role in the development of software for advanced control systems and robotics. You’ll be able to leverage your expertise in mechatronics, control systems and software programming, while showing your eagerness to learn. “It’s not possible, doesn’t exist” is your mindset.

Your responsibilities

  1. Using your programming skills to support the implementation and optimization of control algorithms and contributing to the software development aspect of autonomous systems. You’re eager to learn and use a wide variety of development tools, and you pride yourself on writing clean and robust code.
  2. Working together with your colleagues, other cross-functional teams and clients to contribute to the development of advanced control systems for autonomous applications. You’re also responsible for clear and effective communication about the project progress.
  3. Applying your knowledge of mechatronics to seamlessly integrate mechanical and electronic components, ensuring optimal system performance. Designing and implementing innovative control algorithms and striving for improved stability and performance in autonomous systems. Using system modelling and model-based design to test your algorithms in simulation.
  4. Contributing to the overall system architecture, and actively participating in integrating mechatronics, control systems, and software components cohesively. You’ll also keep in mind the need to generalize software components and help expand our common software stack between projects.
  5. Participating in hands-on prototype testing to validate your software and ensuring alignment with project specifications and industry standards.

It would be great if you have the following qualifications

  1. A master's, or Ph.D. in control engineering, mechatronics, robotics, or a related field.
  2. Demonstrated knowledge and interest in mechatronics, control systems, system engineering, and software programming.
  3. Familiarity with programming languages such as C++ and graphical programming (Matlab/Simulink), or in general an interest in programming.
  4. Understanding of system engineering and model-based principles and practices.
  5. Enthusiastic about contributing to the development of autonomous technologies.
  6. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  7. Effective communication and collaboration abilities.. 

It would be even better if ...

  1. You’re familiar with Linux, ROS (robotic operating system) and embedded systems.
  2. You have some experience with other programming languages too such as C#, Python., …
  3. You’re familiar with DevOps, CI/CD, etc.
  4. You have a broad interest in software development and its latest developments.

Why you should apply

  • vintecc is offering you a job with a lot of variety and responsibility.
  • You’ll be supported by a young team of professionals ensuring you stay at the forefront of new innovations.
  • vintecc has an open and friendly culture where you have the freedom to explore and grow with the company.
  • Possibility of working in Roeselare, Leuven and/or Ghent.
  • Last but not least, a competitive salary. 

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vintecc is looking for a project engineer - autonomous systems. Join our team and make the difference!