managing a large machine fleet, globally


sheet metal fabrication equipment

industrial IoT

industry 4.0


fleet, device & user management

monitoring, reporting, alerting

predictive maintenance

data analytics

lifelong learning

metalworking machinery

operational management of high tech metalworking machines


Our client is a world leader in the design and manufacture of sheet metal fabrication equipment with one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. Their equipment and software provides innovative and integrated metalworking solutions to improve production processes and advance the Smart Factory.

They wanted to create more insights for the customer, the service technicians and engineering around the operation of their various machines.


Offering a solution to display all available data in a clear manner to the right people from the customer, service technicians to engineering. The commissioning process had to run as optimally as possible and and thus needed to be as automated as possible. In addition, the UX should be very intuitive and most never be lost out of sight on the portal, because all actions must be done with as few clicks as possible.


1 fleet management
  • Fleet management was a very important point. So, as planned, we were able to complete the commissioning step of capture - vintecc's industrial IoT-platform - very quickly. Everything is preconfigured in the fleet functionality of the platform.
  • New instances of existing machine types just needed to be added to the right fleet for the right configuration to become readily available.
2 hierarchical company structure
  • Due to the hierarchical structure in capture, our client can present their distributors and customers very nicely and thus a nice classification of the machines can be made
  • Throughout the fleet management process, all relevant reports, alerts, dashboards and configurations are automatically copied to the distributor's companies, as well as those of the customer.
  • A solution was also devised so that all customer databases were automatically linked to companies and distributors. Everyone at every level can immediately see all data from the new devices.
3 customized visual dashboard rights
  • By implementing the Grafana dashboard permissions in capture our client or their distributors can decide to whom dashboards are shown, allowing you to create customer, service and engineering dashboards. 
  • This means that a given person does not see unnecessary data or data that the person could confuse with something else.