Do you know where all your energy flows to?

Energy Intelligence goes beyond monitoring; it is a dynamic approach that enables you to understand, analyse and optimise your energy consumption. Think of it as a personal guide that accompanies you through the complicated consumption of:

compressed air

Think differently about energy. Take a strategic and critical look at your energy management.

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<p><strong></strong><strong>Think differently</strong> about energy. Take a<strong> strategic and critical look </strong>at your energy management.<br /></p>

What is Energy Intelligence?

The days of passive energy management are over. Energy Intelligence deploys pioneering technologies - such as real-time monitoring, data engineering and AI-driven analytics - to provide valuable insights into your energy patterns. We help you turn raw data into actionable information so you can make informed decisions that lead to:


Imagine a world where you not only monitor your energy consumption, but also proactively identify opportunities for optimisation.


Monitoring & reporting your energy

Electricity management

Lower your electricity costs by reducing energy waste. On average, factories can save at least 10% on their energy bills through careful monitoring of electricity.

  • Real-time insights into electricity consumption at device level
  • Convenient access to your energy dashboard
  • Installation of wireless energy sensors without any downtime.

Gas management

Reduce your gas expenses by eliminating waste. Service-friendly sensors effortlessly monitor your gas consumption and send real-time data to your online dashboard.

  • Instant insight into your gas consumption
  • Convenient access to your energy dashboard
  • Avoid manually reading physical gas meters

Water management

Optimise water consumption with our water management solutions. Reduce water costs by avoiding waste. Sensors closely monitor your water consumption and send real-time data to the online dashboard.

  • Detailed insights into water consumption patterns
  • Convenient access to your energy dashboard
  • Fast detection of leaks

Compressed air management

Save energy by ensuring the integrity of your compressed air system. Find leaks at production line level and get real-time insight into the amount of wasted air.

  • Convenient access to your energy dashboard
  • Fast leak detection
  • Set alerts when predefined thresholds are exceeded

the benefits of Energy Intelligence

eliminate energy waste

Recognise and stop energy wastage across devices, machines and locations through accurate monitoring and reporting, delivering cost savings.

real-time alerts

Immediately alert appropriate personnel when malfunctions occur, ensure prompt repairs and prevent further damage.

make informed decisions

Get a 360° view of your energy consumption and use that data to make better decisions and improve the efficiency of your production.

detect anomalies

Use machine learning algorithms to establish energy profiles, proactively identifying and addressing anomalous consumption patterns.

manage your peak consumption

Identify and optimise peak consumption via your own energy dashboard, reducing overall consumption and costs.

intelligent cost optimisation

Take your business to the next level with advanced machine learning analytics. Make forecasts and let energy intelligence optimise your costs and improve your efficiency.

connect to save energy

Connect devices and assets to pursue zero-net CO2 targets, effectively reducing your energy consumption.

energy-aware staff

Launch a culture of energy awareness within your team, encouraging responsible energy use and cost reduction.

correct compliance with regulations

Ensure you are in line with global energy guidelines (CSRD) through continuous monitoring, making sure your company is ready to report its efforts soon.

customised reporting

Customise energy reports for different stakeholders, providing clear insights into improving efficiency and cost-saving measures.

how it works

in four steps to optimised energy management

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plug & play sensors

  • We easily install sensors without interrupting your product or process
  • Sensors can be attached around current cables or to existing gas or water meters.



  • After installing the sensors, the data flow to the energy data platform begins.
  • Get real-time information on consumption of electricity, gas, water, compressed air.
  • Get insight into the data see of each site, line or sensor.


alerts & reporting

  • Our platform allows you to compare machines or locations.
  • Set custom alerts when predefined values or differences are reached.
  • Generate and receive - fully automated - periodic or preset status reports on your consumption in your inbox.


analysing & optimising

  • We analyse all parameters and ensure that your system functions optimally.
  • Smart algorithms provide insight into savings potential and easy-to-implement measures.
  • Our data analysts support you in optimising your energy.

use cases

energy monitoring & production optimisation for Trefin

Tracking all production parameters in a custom energy dashboard provided Trefin with valuable insights for making the optimal candy. The production process is continuously optimised and energy consumption is saved as much as possible.

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at vintecc, we help you monitor, report and manage your energy consumption to effectively balance your energy profile.

easy and real-time energy monitoring with capture

  • set up and ready to collect energy data within 2 hours
  • map the real-time energy consumption of different devices, machines, production lines or sites.
  • gain insight into your energy consumption by detecting trends and patterns beyond traditional monitoring.
  • centralise your entire energy infrastructure through a flexible platform using highly customisable and visual dashboards.

Capture is a device agnostic platform

That means energy data can be collected from various hardware such as IoT sensors, industrial machine protocols, legacy systems and more. Third-party API's can also be set up.

Ready for a smarter energy policy in your business?

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