revolutionizing factory optimization

Factory & Logistic Digital Twins are revolutionizing decision making in factory environments. Forward-thinking manufacturers can make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective decisions to increase production efficiency. With digital twins, you can:


thanks to digital twins, you make decisions with confidence that have a big impact on the production floor.

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<p>thanks to digital twins, you make <strong>decisions with confidence</strong> that have <strong>a big impact</strong> <strong>on</strong><strong> the production floor.</strong></p>

how a digital twin can transform your factory

Factory & Logistic Digital Twins create a virtual model of your production floor. It predicts bottlenecks where traditional modelling in Excel spreadsheets falls short. Using complex factory and warehouse data, you simulate with high accuracy:


The technology is advancing at lightning speed and is no longer an option for industry leaders only

with Dual, vintecc offers a digital-twin-as-a-service. Your questions answered with an affordable customised simulation.

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<p>with Dual, vintecc offers a <strong>digital-twin-as-a-service</strong>. Your questions answered with <strong>an affordable customised simulation</strong>.<br /></p>


a clear answer to your operational needs

virtual simulation & optimization

Virtual simulations avoid interrupting factory operations and minimize physical testing.

  • Companies that implemented digital twin technology see an increase of up to 15% in operational efficiency.
  • No need to purchase materials and components to test or optimize your concept on the factory floor.
  • Eliminate the labor costs associated with physically testing a new concept.
  • Find the best possible setting for a (production) process in advance.

throughput simulation & analysis

Get a holistic view of the complex flows in your factory or warehouse. Identify bottlenecks in material, information and product flows.

  • Simulate and analyze with what parameters and speed a specific flow can produce output.
  • Forget giant Excel sheets or complex reports, visually detect bottlenecks or solutions.
  • Accurately predict the ideal output scenario.

strategic lay-out simulations

Layout simulations map the behaviour and interactions of different elements in your factory or warehouse. Challenge your entire supply chain: material flow, production or warehouse capacity, impact of new vendors or environment.

  • Explore different solutions in a virtual environment.
  • Compare results based on objective data.
  • Find the optimal solution for your plant's objectives and constraints.

machine and yield optimization

Shorten the commissioning of new concepts or machines and produce at the right capacity faster.

  • Explore 'what if' scenarios without having to experiment on the machine or the production process itself.
  • Optimization of your existing hardware often already ensures more efficient production and products.
  • Effortlessly reduce your amount of scrap and waste.

delivering value in the factory environment

product optimization

Optimize complex production parameters of multiple production lines to maximize your OEE. Improve yield and profit at machine, production line or plant level.

minimizing downtime

Trace the causes of downtime and simulate multiple improved scenarios that minimize the downtime of your machines or process.

handling high level of complexity

AI & digital twins are the perfect duo. The digital twin is no longer a mirror image, but can even predict the best optimization.

reducing physical tests & prototypes

Lengthy physical testing in your factory environment is no longer necessary. By testing virtual prototypes, you save a lot of resources, modifications, frustrations, time and therefore money.

optimize your footprint

By fine-tuning your processes & flows, you save significantly on energy, reduce emissions and optimize your footprint.

cost-effective decision making

Get a 360° view of the flow in your factory or warehouse, so you can make data-driven decisions to reduce or optimize costs.

validate layout design

Layout simulation can help identify valuable logistics improvements and optimize the performance and profitability of your factory or warehouse.

no need for in-house talent

Dual, vintecc's digital twin-as-a-service platform, solves the problem of a lack of in-house talent capable of building a digital twin solution.

increase market flexibility and agility

Respond better to changing market conditions and customer needs by virtually testing new product designs first.

integrate in your industry 4.0 approach

Create a single source of truth. A digital twin can seamlessly connect complex data sources in such a way that insights are formed consistently.

how it works

in four steps 

to your factory digital twin

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  • Collect data on the layout of your plant, warehouse, machines, processes and activities.
  • Think CAD, PLC, WMS, SAP, ERP data ... all input is welcome.
  • Based on your objectives, we start with a simple simulation model and gradually add complexity as soon as required.
  • Headless supply chain simulations (= without graphics) are also possible.
  • Our simulation engineers help you set up your digital twin in record time.


setting objectives

  • To use simulation effectively, you need to accurately define the objectives, constraints and performance indicators of your process.
  • Accuracy is increased when real-time data, velocity, real movements and flows can be included.
  • Parameters and variables are added to allow multiple scenarios to be customized.


test scenarios

  • With the simulation platform DUual, you can set, run and compare different simulation parameters.
  • Connect to your PLC/control software. Dual supports common industrial protocols and co-simulations.
  • Setting different parameters gives you insight into how your production or process works in different scenarios.
  • To speed up scenarios, we can easily multiply the time by a factor of 1,000x and higher.
  • Our simulation engineers can help you simulate the desired scenarios.


analyze & optimize

  • You can view the outcome of various simulation scenarios in the platform.
  • Your team can analyze the outcome and easily request, set or provide new simulation parameters to extend and further optimize the test.
  • Make endless iterations on your PLC or control software.
  • Our data analytics team can support you in identifying the perfect process optimization using AI algorithms.

use case

virtual optimization & throughput analysis

To support future growth, our client wanted to expand the capacity of their packaging line.

By simulating and evaluating the impact of certain strategies, fine-tuning existing parameters and making highly targeted improvements, the throughput of the entire packaging line increased by +15%, without any additional hardware investments.

use case

strategic lay-out simulations

Through the implementation of comprehensive ESG strategies, our client strives to minimize its environmental footprint while maximizing operational efficiency when loading and unloading vehicles onto ocean-going vessels.

By using simulation, our customer is now able to develop the most efficient loading and unloading strategy, reduce the kilometers driven and the CO2 emissions of vehicles.

at vintecc, we help you set up your dynamic factory environment so you can simulate and analyze multiple scenarios.

factory optimization made easier with Dual

Dual is vintecc’s digital-twin-as-service platform

  • We start with a simple simulation model and gradually add complexity as needed.
  • You gain insight into your production process or warehouse by simulating different scenarios and new conditions.
  • AI & digital twins are the perfect duo. The digital twin is no longer a mirror image, but can even predict the best optimization.
  • Building an in-house team from scratch is time-consuming and costly. The best alternative is to create a replica with DUAL, vintecc's affordable and reliable digital-twin-as-a-service solution.

Dual is a device agnostic platform

That means warehouse or factory data can be collected from various data sources, such as PLC or WMS data, IoT sensors, industrial machine protocols, ... Third-party APIs can be integrated without any problems.

curious how digital twins can work for your company?

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