The rise of a service-oriented industry
The rise of a service-oriented industry

Why you need to invest in IoT

In an era where society is focusing more on services than physical products, the transformation is also being felt in mechanical engineering. Investing in IoT software and connected devices offers you significant benefits:

  • Reducing operational costs (OPEX)
  • Prevention of downtime
  • Increased reliability
  • Improvement of service levels
  • Opportunity to develop new services

Therefore, connection with your machine, device or asset is crucial.

capture is a next-generation IoT platform and connects your device via a robust edge & cloud infrastructure

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<p>capture is a <strong>next-generation IoT platform</strong> and connects your device via a robust <strong>edge & cloud infrastructure</strong></p>

towards a service-oriented device in 5 steps

Focus on innovation by connecting your machine, device or asset and streamlining the data into an adaptable, scalable and flexible data-driven business model:

  • Get your infrastructure right
  • Focus on quick wins: connectivity + service level + interventions
  • Build data-driven insights
  • Turn insights into valuable services
  • Repeat the previous 4 steps. Again and again

capture gives you 80% of your IoT solution from day one. Fast. Scalable. Customised.

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<p>capture gives you <strong>80% of your IoT solution</strong> from day one. <strong>Fast. Scalable. Customised.</strong></p>


connect and manage your device easily and quickly

plug & play from edge to cloud

Capture provides a very robust edge & cloud infrastructure with a lot of standard functionality that has already proven its performance with other machine or device builders. The setup of the infrastructure is literally plug & play. Do you have your own edge gateway or is the gateway already embedded on your machine? Perfect, within 2h you already have the first data.

  • A ready-made edge control infrastructure can be implemented on any machine, device or asset.
  • By default, data from field devices can be retrieved via a large number of industry protocols, APIs or servers.
  • Embedded devices can also provide their own connectivity to the cloud via MQTTS, HTTPS, ...

data logging

Live data from your machine, device or asset is centralised in capture's cloud infrastructure, the IoT platform. Historical data can also be loaded and processed there.

  • Timeseries data can be logged at a rate of up to 1 ms. Even image data can be optimally logged and linked to timeseries data for (later) processing.
  • Build your own intuitive dashboards and customise them according to user roles and rights. Organise data in Grafana or Power BI.
  • Advanced analytics allow you to process the mass of raw data. This produces new metrics that can lead to new insights or even new business models.

no-code low-code approach

Our approach: getting started quickly and being able to manage as much as possible in-house with minimal effort.

  • Create and manage companies, business users, roles and rights yourself in a clear identity & access structure.
  • Configure and set automated triggers under which conditions an alarm must be sent. Prevent or anticipate possible customer outages faster.
  • Set automated reports yourself. Based on the roles and rights, a user receives a fully customised performance report.

fleet management via remote access

Organise your fleet of devices and manage that fleet across all your projects. Moreover, you can pin devices or projects to a map. Via remote access, you can even perform software updates, upgrades or fixes from the IoT platform itself.

  • Onboarding and offboarding of devices you can manage yourself quickly, easily and intuitively. Link them immediately to the right company and the necessary users.
  • A device manager enables the configuration of your edge device, even remotely. Software updates can easily be performed in bulk across all your devices.
  • Detect and solve problems remotely. Reduce your customer's downtime. Avoid constantly sending a technician on site.

the benefits of connected devices

remote access = customer benefit

Intervening and solving a problem remotely allows your end customer to minimise their downtime and control their own production performance.

improve future product generations

By centralising and analysing data from your own machines, you can make more targeted improvements to control software or product designs.

separating process and device data

A proprietary or embedded edge gateway can provide just the guarantee to an end customer that its process data stays in-house and only device data is exchanged. You share what you (contractually) commit to.

reduce operational costs (OPEX)

By connecting a device, you can solve problems faster remotely, shorten customer downtime, improve service levels and increase device reliability.

asset tracking system

Connecting mobile devices allows quick tracking of geographical location or monitoring on-site performance. That data can be made available to the end customer via a dedicated portal.

app-based eco system

Capture allows quick and easy integration of your own systems or 3rd party apps. Make use of the RestAPI to set up and greatly expand your own app eco-system. Capture is platform and hardware independent.

no in-house time needed

Capture, solves the problem of a lack of in-house talent capable of building its own IoT platform. The no-code low-code approach makes everything manageable for everyone.

new business model

Thanks to machine data, advanced analytics and industry knowledge, you can determine a strategic and right approach to develop a new business model. Staying connected ensures continuous improvement of your machines or devices.

how it works

in four steps to

a connected product

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  • Is your device or machine ‘IIoT ready’? Perfect, connect it to an IoT platform via a proprietary or embedded gateway.
  • Not yet ‘IIoT-ready’? Connect your device to the vintecc edge gateway that allows data to flow through to Capture via Ethernet, 4G or WiFi.
  • High-frequency data and image data can be used as input.



  • After connection of the device, the data flow to the IoT platform begins.
  • Get insight into the data from any device, machine or sensor and compare.
  • Make the data in and clear via the intuitive dashboards.


alarms & reporting

  • Set custom alarms when predefined values or differences are reached.
  • Generate and receive fully automated - periodic - status reports on a device in your inbox.
  • Any customer, business user or in-house staff can receive customised messages or view dashboards based on their role.


analyze & optimize

  • Analyse all parameters and make sure your device performs optimally.
  • Advanced analytics can provide insight into optimisation potential or easy-to-implement measures.
  • New models & algorithms can be developed for product & production optimisation.

use case

be able to rapidly deploy and remotely monitor a fleet of autonomous shuttles

Our client is a global player in intelligent warehouse automation. Autonomous shuttles move pallets horizontally in gigantic warehouses. Capture takes care of all data logging of each individual shuttle. Via the IoT platform, not only the performance of each shuttle can be evaluated but also fast remote debugging is possible.

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focus on a connected device network. This allows you to monitor machine or device performance, troubleshoot problems remotely and keep innovating.

easy and real-time device data monitoring with capture

  • set up and ready to collect device data within 2 hours.
  • gain insight into your machine/device data by detecting trends and patterns beyond traditional monitoring.
  • via remote access you can perform updates, diagnose and solve problems and greatly reduce downtime at your end customer.
  • build or integrate your own systems to analyse the data. Connect your machine/device data with other 3rd party systems via a RestAPI, for customised insights.

capture is a device agnostic platform

That means machine data can be collected from different hardware such as different IoT sensors, industrial protocols, ... and more. Capture allows third-party systems to be linked via RestAPIs so that data processing or integration becomes even stronger.

ready to connect your machines or device?

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