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Pattyn is a manufacturer of turnkey packaging solutions, to pack, count or weigh fill industrial products into 5-30 kg containers or pallet-sized containers. Its packaging machinery is mainly intended for the food processing industry.

With its new customer portal 'Pattyn 360 connect' they want to provide a more efficient and effective way to their clients to monitor and manage their food packaging machines. By helping food processors to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, Pattyn is helping to make the food supply chain more sustainable and resilient.

“We really see the collaboration with vintecc as a partnership. We did not start from a use case, but started from an idea. We do not always use standard development and we do not always know what we will need tomorrow. Fortunately, vintecc is very flexible and they always think about a solution.”

Ben Hubert

Ben Hubert

CEO - Pattyn


In the food processing industry, the quality of the food product and control of the production process keeps gaining in importance. Pattyn already had experience with customer-specific on-premise solutions to monitor food product data. However, they wanted to provide their customers with a more generic connected solution to collect data of their food products, and to maximize equipment performance and availability.

solution - Pattyn 360 Connect

Pattyn developed a cloud-based solution called Pattyn 360 Connect. This solution centralizes all technical how-to information and machine status information in an online customer portal. It can also exchange data directly with the machines and store it in the cloud. This allows Pattyn to provide remote technical support and resolve issues more quickly. But how did vintecc add to this project?

1 industrial IoT platform - capture
  • The objective was to gain a better insight into the performance of all machines in the field and to share this with customers. 
  • An additional condition was that Pattyn could host the platform herself in order to have full control over the data. 
  • A scalable, secure and easy to maintain industrial IoT-platform that translates into capture, developed by vintecc.
2 CPRM or Central Pattyn Repository of Modules
  • CPRM stands for ‘Central Pattyn Repository of Modules’ and was designed to define all standard modules that Pattyn builds into a database and describe their underlying objects and POMA’s (Parameters, Objects, Messages and Alarms). 
  • These modules are a starting point to build standard machines that are in fact full option machines where production machines can be derived from. 
  • CPRM is also used to export an HMI configuration that includes translations, documentations, and assets.
3 web based HMI - interact
  • interact serves as the gateway for operators to seamlessly engage with the PLC program, facilitating efficient communication with the machine
  • This comprehensive interface encompasses several key elements, including a module overview, alarms management, recipe handling, order processing, customizable settings, and a dedicated service page. 
  • Furthermore, it seamlessly imports machine configurations from CPRM, enriching the system with essential documentation, translations, and valuable assets.
    Pattyn - HMI overview production line

results - next steps

Pattyn 360 Connect allows customers to follow up on the condition of the machine and to analyze performance differences between production shifts, recipes, etc. This helps them to improve the quality and productivity of their food processing.

1 realtime production overview for clients


2 shifting from reactive to predictive maintenance