CO2 reduction by strategic lay-out simulations


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CO2 reduction by strategic lay-out simulations

ICO's Big Picture

ICO serves as Europe's gateway, linking deep-sea shipping lanes from various continents. With its comprehensive network, ICO provides the automotive industry with a robust hub, alongside efficient handling and transshipment services.

  • ICO's global reach
    • ICO facilitates deep-sea shipping connections worldwide, enhancing global trade and accessibility.
  • strategic terminal locations
    • Situated in Zeebrugge and Antwerp (and part of Port of Antwerp Bruges), ICO's terminals offer prime access points for seamless cargo handling and distribution across Europe.
  • green leadership
    • ICO spearheads sustainable initiatives, including Vlaanderen's largest onshore wind turbine park, driving renewable energy production and reducing carbon emissions.

"Digital twin simulation allowed us to quickly optimise our loading and unloading strategies."

Fanni Arvai

Fanni Arvai

Innovation & Sustainability Manager - ICO

confronting digital and technological challenges

ICO faces the dual challenge of reducing its environmental footprint and enhancing operational efficiency. The strategies implemented by the sustainability team at ICO address these multifaceted issues well. 

  • eco-efficiency goals 
    • ICO aims to minimize its environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency through targeted sustainability strategies. 
  • CO2 reduction imperative 
    • The challenge at the terminal lies in optimizing vehicle routes to minimize CO2 emissions, aligning with ICO's ambitious sustainability targets. 
  • sustainability leadership 

crafting innovative solutions

vintecc developed an innovative simulation tool on Dual, its digital-twin-as-a-service platform, customized to meet ICO's unique requirements. This tool has empowered ICO to streamline operations and minimize its carbon footprint.

1 combining efficiency tools
  • Combining a Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) - which was already in place – with a digital simulation tool, ICO was able to leverage and optimize operations and reduce carbon footprint.
2 simulation by ICO-staff
  • vintecc's simulation tool empowers ICO personnel to swiftly create and manipulate terminal layout simulations, enabling data-driven decision-making.
3 custom simulation platform
  • Built on the Dual simulation platform, the tool incorporates terminal assets and parameters for comprehensive scenario testing and optimization.

achieving tangible results

Optimized operational strategies led to rapid and significant reductions in CO2 emissions, delivering tangible results fast. These strategies were effectively turned into the real-world, propelling ICO's sustainability goals forward.

1 digital twin advantages
  • vintecc's digital twin technology provided rapid scenario simulation and critical recommendations for optimal loading, unloading or parking strategies.
2 autonomous optimization
  • With the Dual simulation tool, ICO gained autonomy in recommending throughput optimizations, streamlining operations during ship arrivals.
3 significant CO2-reduction
  • By optimizing vehicle routes, ICO still achieves today substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, advancing its sustainability agenda and environmental impact goals.