high precision 3D imaging and inspection of every cookie


Poppies Bakeries
Zonnebeke, Belgium

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quality inspection

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bakery industry

quality control of cookies at high speed


Poppies Bakeries, based in Ypres (Belgium), is a global company specialised in the production of quality snacks and desserts for true gourmets. Achieving a constant high quality output is key for the company.

"The quality control system met all predefined targets. On top, vintecc's data logging platform capture registers all quality data and sends out condensed quality statistics.

Antony Popelier

Antony Popelier

Zaakvoerder - Poppies Bakeries


Brownies are marvelous cookies. They should also look perfect in shape. Poppies, producing brownie cookies strives for this type of perfection, not only in taste, but also in shape

Therefore, cookies with an imperfect shape (amount of cracks, depth of cracks, length, bulge volume …) should be filtered out. Poppies asked vintecc to build a quality control system that could do that. 

The challenge for us was not only getting perfect, high resolution data, but also processing it at an amazing speed.


1 high speed quality sensor
  • To process the data at this rate a specialised sensor was selected and integrated. The sensor is able to scan at a rate of 1500 Hz giving us a pointcloud of each cookie with a precision of 0.8 mm. 
  • To process these pointclouds for the quality control, we used different machine vision techniques to highlight cracks, bulges and to check the dimensions of the brownies. Finally a bad brownie was removed with a pneumatic ejector.
2 condensed quality statistics
  • By connecting the high speed quality sensor to capture - vintecc's industrial IoT platform - Poppies Bakeries was able to log and register all quality data
  • This way they had realtime and actionable insights into the current production process.


1 increased quality inspection
  • Implementing a computer vision system sped up the general inspection process. The accuracy of the system is switched on 24/7 and less errors appear.
2 reducing waste
  • By logging the quality data Poppies Bakeries was able to identify correlations between input parameters and results. 
  • capture could provide insight into the parameters that play a critical role in production results and helps predict required quality results based on current conditions.