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Ugent Racing
Ghent, Belgium

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who is UGent Racing Team?

UGent Racing is the Formula Student team of Ghent University. This team consists of students from various fields of study and disciplines working together to develop an electric, autonomous racing car. Here, they can put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The ambitious and talented team members get the chance to fully develop through a project-based approach with a strong focus on innovation. Besides participating in international competitions, they strive for a more sustainable future and a more project-based approach in higher education.

the car and the competition

The Formula Student competitions are the most prestigious engineering competitions in the world and are held annually in several European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy. University students from all over the world show and race the cars they have developed over the past year. There are three different types of competitions: combustion, electric and autonomous. UGent Racing focuses on the electric and autonomous categories.

Formula Student Competition

The competition is won not only by the team with the fastest car, but by the team with the best overall package in terms of construction, performance and financial and commercial planning. A jury of experts from the motorsport, automotive and supply industry will judge each team's cars and sales plans based on construction, cost planning and sales presentation. There is also judging on the track, where teams show how well their home-built race cars perform in a real environment

This year, the Ugent Racin team built a new car ‘Orion’ that will compete with the other teams this summer.

why do we sponsor UGent Racing?

As a tech agency, we have some very good reasons for that:

1/ Our values are very closely aligned:

  • Smart: Vintecc is all about smart integration of people, machines, systems and data to find the best solutions for tomorrow's challenges. Ugent Racing is the perfect example of how this can be done within a highly organised student team.
  • Hands-on: or in other words ‘we do shit’. Both teams allow people from different teams to work closely together from concept to realisation and follow-up. By proactively responding to situations, faster decisions can be made and progress made.
  • Collaborative: Co-creation and close collaboration is at the heart of our DNA. Combining the domain expertise of each team and being open to different views often leads to ground-breaking technological solutions.

2/ By sponsoring UGent Racing, we not only share our technology and expertise, but also contribute to their ambition to excel in international competitions and promote a sustainable future. This partnership reinforces our commitment to technological advancement and education, and supports UGent Racing and Vintecc's vision to play a leading role in innovation and sustainability.

3/ And say it yourself, supporting a team building a race car that can go from 0 to 100km/h in about 1sec ... surely that's super cool!

but how does Vintecc now sponsor a race team?

Well, we are supporting UGent Racing with the following technological know-how:

Data monitoring and analytics:

  • With our IoT platform, Capture, we offer extensive experience in data capture, monitoring and analytics.
  • UGent Racing can use our IoT platform to log all time-series data and image data from the race car to the nearest 1 ms.
  • By logging high-frequency data, the team can monitor the car in great detail, gain insights about the car's behaviour to optimise performance.
  • Capture makes it possible to analyse and improve components of the car through data-driven analysis.

Autonomous systems technology:

  • One part of the competition is making the car fully autonomous. This fits perfectly with Vintecc's expertise.
  • UGent Racing can draw on the knowledge of our Autonomous Systems team, which specialises in making physical systems work autonomously through model-based design and full process control.

Digital twin simulation software:

  • Winning in the competition for autonomous vehicles requires meticulous preparation. This includes not only testing every component, but also the whole thing - the race car - in a safe environment.
  • Vintecc offered its own DUAL simulation platform, which allows all CAD models of the car to be quickly loaded and linked to the necessary software to simulate different courses or test scenarios.
  • By virtually simulating the operation of the car through various scenarios, any errors in software or components can already be detected in advance. The reliability of new developments thus increases enormously and possible crashes during tests - with all their consequences - are therefor greatly reduced.
  • In the spirit of student competition, Ugent Racing decided to build their own digital twin simulator (yes, they have some big balls). Vintecc made its extensive simulation know-how available to help the team in building their own Ugent Racing simulator platform.

God speed boys and girls!