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Famous for its traditional products, Trefin has managed to maintain itself as a permanent fixture in the Belgian confectionery sector over the years. 

In addition to Hartmint, the most famous mint candy in Belgium that you find in hotels, restaurants and at your grandmother's, Trefin is also known for its chocolate seafood, truffles or Easter eggs.

But what sets Trefin apart from others is that sweets are made without dyes and under the safest and hygienic conditions. They attach great importance to the sustainability of raw materials and means of production.

The production of the delicacies is constantly subject to the most stringent quality systems of the BRC, IFS and ACS.

It is precisely those strict quality standards that have ensured that Trefin wants to monitor every step in the production process by capturing all possible energy & production data.

A small deviation in both can affect the quality and taste of the final end product.


Trefin was looking for an IoT solution to centralize all energy & production data on one easy-to-use platform.
Temperatures of boilers, energy consumption of specific devices, machines or heating elements, ambient temperatures of the production hall... in short, every data point that potentially had an influence on the taste and quality of a sweet had to be captured, stored and visualized in intuitive looking dashboards.

Keeping track of all production parameters would provide valuable data insights into making the optimal candy, while being able to continuous optimize and save energy consumption during the process.

With Capture Trefin found the right IoT-solution.

Why Trefin chose capture, vintecc's industrial IoT platform

Trefin is a company that relies on data to optimize its production processes. When Trefin was looking for an industrial IoT platform, they chose vintecc's capture platform because it is the best way to collect and analyze data to optimize processes.

capture is a powerful tool that gives Trefin the competitive advantage they need. It gives their team the tools they need to:

1 collect and store data from all of production or energy devices
  • Achieving the ideal candy production involves operators configuring numerous parameters and monitoring a multitude of variables
  • capture is capable of gathering data from a wide range of data points or devices, including PLC's, energy-, pressure or temperature sensors
  • This provides Trefin with a comprehensive overview of both their production process and associated energy usage. 
  • By choosing capture, Trefin opted for a reliable and robust IoT platform capable of securely processing and storing extensive data.
2 analyze data to identify trends and patterns
  • Utilizing machine learning, capture analyzes data to uncover trends and patterns that might be challenging to spot manually. 
  • Data analytics aids Trefin in scrutinizing and pinpointing areas for process improvement, enabling energy savings without compromising product quality.
3 optimize processes based on visual data insights
  • Live data is displayed through visually intuitive dashboards using the integrated Grafana interface
  • capture empowers Trefin's team to monitor production parameters  and energy data at any given moment using visual graphs
4 getting ready for Europe's sustainable requirements
  • Implementing data monitoring for all production and energy parameters has inadvertently positioned Trefin for the forthcoming CSRD directive(s). 
  • capture is capable of offering data and insights to ensure dependable registration, reporting, and accountability.

and the result

Overall, capture is a powerful IoT platform that can help Trefin to achieve their business goals. It gives Trefin the competitive advantage they need by providing them with the data insights they need to improve their production process while saving on energy consumption.

1 accurate data based on user-level functionality
  • capture's user-level functionality enables Trefin quick distribution or reporting of selected process- or energy data to the right individuals. 
  • All operational levels in Trefin now have access to the data they need to take action promptly.
2 improved operational excellence
  • Through comprehensive monitoring of the entire process, encompassing environmental factors, Trefin optimizes both production processes and sweet quality
  • Examining production parameters and electricity consumption delivers crucial raw data, allowing for a detailed understanding of energy distribution. 
  • Leveraging data engineering and intelligent analytics generates valuable insights, enabling strategic operational adjustments to conserve energy without compromising quality and performance
  • This ongoing process has resulted in continuous improvements.
3 realtime and comprehensive overview
  • Operators can check at all times the tank volumes - part of the production process - using the visual dashboards in capture. 
  • Potential downtimes in the process are therefore reduced to a maximum by providing a comprehensive overview of each installation.
4 automated reporting & alerting
  • The identification of potential over-usage or leaks is now expedited through the use of customizable alerts. 
  • Production performance reports are tailored for each user level and are sent out fully automated.