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vision AI for automotive industry

product quality inspection in a high demanding environment 

the big picture

PSS - Premium Sound Solutions - is a global leading company in producing and delivering innovative sound products. In this project PSS - together with Vintecc - wanted to work together on a quality inspection project related to audio speakers used in your car.

  • perfection in every speaker:
    • the mission of PSS is a quest for sonic perfection. Each speaker carries the promise of delivering an unparalleled audio experience, making music come alive.
  • crafting audio excellence:
    • for PSS the project wasn't just about deploying technology; it's not just building car speakers; PSS is crafting a sound, where each component of the speaker plays a crucial role in delivering the best sound.
  • elevating expectations:
    • the project was challenging standards and setting new benchmarks in audio excellence.

challenge - where craft meets tech

  • assembly challenges:
    • when producing speakers, a visual inspection remains critical to the production process so you can catch important errors. Previous visual inspection required three pairs of human eyes 24/7 to catch errors like glue residue, visual blemishes on parts, etc.
  • human insight, machine precision:
    • the main challenge wasn't just about automating visual inspection of the speakers; it was about teaching machines to see and understand details that only experienced eyes could catch.
  • perfection meets AI:
    • Vintecc had to decode and learn how a perfect speaker was produced and looked like so they could understand and develop a fitting visual inspection AI-algorithm.

solution - precision unveiled through computer vision

  • seeing beyond the visible:  
    • computer vision enabled us to inspect beyond human limitations. Vintecc was able to detect and reveal imperceptible errors with high accuracy. 
  • speed up AI-training with synthetic data
    • data sets with possible defects and errors were digital created by using the power of synthetic data. Being able to create large virtual datasets - including all edge cases of impurities or lighting conditions - sped-up the training of the Vision AI-model. This led to a faster deployment of the Vision AI-model with a high accuracy. 
  • achieving robust AI-models  
    • robustness of the AI model was achieved by optimizing the model in real factory conditions and feeding it with real operator feedback. Ensuring no error escaped detection 24/7 in a complex production environment.
  • infrared brilliance:  
    • In the area of unnoticeable defects, infrared served as our guiding light, illuminating imperfections hidden in the shadows. 
  • from lab to line:  
    • The power of computer vision seamlessly transitioned from the lab to PSS's production line. A robust camera setup, integration with existing automation, production performance logging, and automatic calibration became integrated in the production process to visually inspect speakers every 3 seconds. 

sped up development by IoT

  • streamlined data management:  
    • with Capture, Vintecc’ s IoT platform, we streamlined the production data management to get insights. With a centralized database, Vintecc gained clarity on labeled data volume and nuances. 
  • logs and checks:  
    • we logged every stat, tracked every error, and ensured the system stayed sharp continuously. 
  • user friendly interfaces (HMI):  
    • with Interact, Vintecc’ s web-based HMI-platform, we simplified monitoring and built our own friendly interfaces for easy communication with PSS’s machines. 

results that echo

1 real-time inspection

Vintecc’s in-line industrial setup ensures real-time, robust and tireless inspection. Quality checking speakers every 3 sec, 24/7, with higher accuracy than humans.

2 training on-premise

custom HMI’s - created in Interact - allow PSS to oversee, log, and evaluate all 'error'-data, reducing AI error rates with on-premise training.

3 success continued

automated visual quality inspection is developed and implemented on other production lines, showcasing ongoing success and commitment to perfection.